Lithium battery tape

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Lithium battery tape, it is PP or PET film backing with acrylic adhesive, numbers can be printed between film and adhesive. This tape is ideal for lithium batteries end parts’ insulation protection and fixed.


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Technical Property

      Physical Characteristics                         Data                                   Test Method        

      Backing:                                           PP film or PET film                    GB/T 7125-1999

      Adhesive:                                         Acrylic adhesive                        GB/T 7125-1999             

      Color:                                               Dark green, blackish green, grass green, blue, transparent

      Temperature Use Range:                UP to 100°C

      Resistance of the electrolyte:          No glue residue No fading

Product Features

*  Tape surface cleanliness, good toughness

*  High temperature, solvent resistant, stable and reliable   

*  Adhesion is moderate, no residual glue

*  Unwinding force is moderate, suitable for different process requirements

*  Resistance of the electrolyte

Main Application

*    Lithium battery insulation tape for cylindrical, square and other lithium-ion batteries core ears of the insulation protection and fixation.

*    Special for Lithium, Nickel land Cadmium 

*    Aluminum shell/ steel shell/Soft package pool electrode anode protection and batteries end parts’ insulation fixed

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