Teflon Tape

Short Description:

PTFE Adhesive Teflon Tape is Teflon glass cloth with silicone adhesive. Silicone adhesive which provides a high-temperature release surface for protection and insulation. Premium Teflon glass cloth reinforced backing provides greater tensile strength and resistance to tears.


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Product Detail

Technical Property

                  Physical Characteristics                         Data                                   Test Method        

                   Color                                               Brown/white/black

                   Backing:                                          Teflon glass cloth                     

                   Adhesive:                                        Silicone adhesive                    

                   Total Thickness:                              5.1mils (0.13mm )                    GB/T 7125-1999

                   Adhesion:                                        6N/25mm                                  GB/T 2792-1998

                   Tensile Strength:                             350N/25mm                              GB/T 7753-1987

                   Elongation at Break:                        ≧3%                                          GB/T 7753-1987

                   Insulation:                                        3.5KV                                        GB/T 14517-1993

                   Temperature Use Range:              -100° to 500°F (-73° to 260°C)

 Product Feature

                   *  Premium teflon glass cloth reinforced backing provides greater tensile strength

                   *  Silicone adhesive offers high temperature performance and long aging

                   *  Provides a non-stick, low friction surface

                   *  Performs under a wide range of temperatures, including up to 500°F/260°C

                   *  Excellent chemical resistance

 Main Application

                   *  Easy-release surface on packaging and heat sealing machines, ironing and pressing equipment.

                   *   Release surface on bonding tools

                   *   Lining conveying chutes, troughs and ducts

                   *   Covering rollers, drums, turnbars and formers on stitchers, binders and other process machinery

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