Polyimide tape

Short Description:

Polyimide tape is an amber polyimide tape with the silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Tape construction is ideal for applications that may require high temperature, chemical and abrasion resistance with the benefit of transparency.


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Product Detail

Technical Property

      Physical Characteristic                         Data                                   Test Method        

      Backing:                                           Polyimide film

                                                               1mils (0.025mm )                      GB/T 7125-1999

      Adhesive:                                         Silicone adhesive

                                                               1.4mils (0.035mm )                   GB/T 7125-1999

      Total Thickness:                               2.4mils (0.06mm )                     GB/T 7125-1999

       Adhesion:                                         4.5N/25mm                              GB/T 2792-1998

      Tensile Strength:                              135N/25mm                              GB/T 7753-1987

      Elongation at Break:                         ≧35%                                        GB/T 7753-1987

      Insulation:                                         6 KV                                         GB/T 14517-1993

      Temperature Use Range:                 UP to 500 ℉ (260°C)

Product Feature 

*  Polyimide films offer excellent thermal, abrasion, and chemical resistance while maintaining their flexibility.

*  Amber color makes tape placement obvious for both application and removal     

*  Thin backing leaves a sharp paint line and some conformability.

*  Silicone adhesives offer high heat resistance compared to many rubber and acrylic adhesives, reducing failure due to softening, oozing and adhesive transfer.

*  Silicone adhesive removes cleanly from many surfaces. 

Main Application

*   Masking parts for powder coat paint.

*    Masking edges of overlap seams in metal bonding process where excess adhesive flows onto tape.Minimizes clean-up on tape removal.

*    Provides a good barrier for separation of dissimilar metals.

*    PCB, SMT masking protection in electronics

*    H-class insulation protection for electrical devices like transformer and capacitor.

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