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We rely upon strategic thinking, constant modernisation in all segments, technological advances and of course upon our employees that directly participate in our success for High Bond Double Sided Tape Double Sided PET Tape–Customize Banner Tape Supplier, We are confident to make great achievements in the future. We are looking forward to becoming one of your most reliable suppliers.

 Technical Property

Type Carrier Adhesive Type Release Liner Total Thickness Initial Adhesion Adhesion to Steel Technical File 
HS-2016 PET Film Acrylic Adhesive Brown Glassine Paper 0.03mm ≤8#  ≥8N/25mm HS-2016
HS-2017 PET Film Acrylic Adhesive Brown Glassine Paper 0.05mm ≤8#  ≥12N/25mm HS-2017
HS-2018 PET Film Acrylic Adhesive Brown Glassine Paper 0.08mm ≤9#  ≥12N/25mm HS-2018
HS-2019 PET Film Acrylic Adhesive Brown Glassine Paper 0.1mm ≤9#  ≥14N/25mm HS-2019
HS-2020 PET Film Acrylic Adhesive Red MOPP Film 0.2mm ≤18#  ≥17N/25mm HS-2020
HS-2020L PET Film Acrylic Adhesive Red MOPP Film 0.2mm ≤20#  ≥18N/25mm HS-2020L
HS-2021 PET Film Acrylic Adhesive Brown Glassine Paper 0.16mm ≤16#  ≥15N/25mm HS-2021
HS-2021R PET Film Acrylic Adhesive Red MOPP Film 0.16mm ≤16#  ≥15N/25mm HS-2021R

Product Feature

*   Good adhesion for permanent bonding

*   Excellent initial tack

*   Reliable bond even to LSE substrates

*   Immediate usability right after assembly

*   Suitability for most demanding applications such as heavy stress, high temperatures or critical substrates

Main Application

*    Mounting of ABS plastic parts in the car industry

*    Self-adhesive mounting of rubber/EPDM profiles

*    Mounting of decorative profiles and moldings in the furniture industry

*    Mounting of battery packs, lenses, and touch-screens in electronic devices

*    Nameplates, Indoor/Outdoor Signs bonding

*    For splicing
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    The information provided in this video is from my own personal experience. I enjoy sharing tutorials on what I love to do. A big thank you to Waffle Flower for providing the stamps, inks, and dies for this video! (Any additional supplies and tools were purchased by me.)

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