Tape Production Line

Step 1: Glue Coating Production Line

Ten thousand dust-free workshop mainly has two coating lines, supporting 10,000 dust-free sealed workshops, dust-free shoe-changing room, dust-free locker room, air shower door, cargo air shower door and the corresponding level of ventilation system;
Coater from the beginning of the machine, the first automatic unwinder unwinding coater coated with a precision knife coating head, and then into the thousand-level dust-free oven, the oven is completed after the bake out of the automatic winding Roll up to complete the coating process;
In the tail of the coating machine is also equipped with a two-axis automatic recoil reel in order to achieve the entire coating machine unwinding, coating, compounding, winding process.

涂布车间2 涂布车间3 涂布车间1


 Step 2: Slitting and Rewinding

We utilize a custom slitting converter on all tape products, accepting rolls up to 1240mm wide. Our high-speed slitters are designed to slit custom production quantities. Automatic Lathe slitters can do slitting action for critical tolerances capable of slitting films, papers, foils, pressure sensitive adhesives, silicone coated substrates, fabrics, and non-wovens. This equipment can produce roll width down to 1mm.

Die-cutting Slitting 1 Slitting 2


Step 3: Packaging


packing 2 Packing Storage


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